A Dinosaur Dynasty

Science meets the great outdoors in this personal perspective of the Sternbergs, father and sons who traveled the New World in search of fossilized flora and fauna. This engaging and fascinating story includes tons of photographs and a chapter on the Sternberg Museum of Natural History. 6"x9" paperback, 290 pages. See table of contents below.

The Sternberg Fossil Hunters:A Dinosaur DynastyTable of Contents

Chapter 1. Manifest Destiny5
Chapter 2. Kansas Calling17
Chapter 3. Indians and Fossils29
Chapter 4. Dinosaurs and Rice41
Chapter 5. A Secret Mission49
Chapter 6. Christmas Blues65
Chapter 7. Family Man75
Chapter 8. Toil and Triumph in Texas85
Chapter 9. God's Great Cemetery97
Chapter 10. Beating the Odds107
Chapter 11. New Directions123
Chapter 12. Canada Bound135
Chapter 13. Separate Paths in Canada155
Chapter 14. A Namesake Makes a Name for Himself167
Chapter 15. New Horizons West179
Chapter 16. The Ends of the Earth193
Chapter 17. Back Home on the Range211
Chapter 18. Museum Peace223
Epilogue: The Sternberg Museum of Natural History255